About Us

Kohasaa was founded by 3 partners, Komal Rizvi, Hasan Rizvi and Saad Saeed Khan who wanted to develop scented products that are far elevated from what is currently available in Pakistan but at competitive prices.

We create signature fragrance products that are inviting, efficacious long lasting.


What's Our Plan

Made by the best raw material and the perfect blend, Kohasaa aims to express the craftsmanship concept by offering new fragrances with with a lasting promise. Kohasaa aims toward the future for obtaining a product line which recalls trust &tradition at the same time.

Komal Rizvi

Managing Partner

Komal is one of Pakistan’s own pioneering sweetheart of the music industry. She has broken conventions and boundaries multiple times in her dominion of music, acting, and hosting. After launching Pakistan’s first safe skincare brand Komal shifted her focus on the fragrance industry of Pakistan.

Saad Khan

Managing Partner

With a Masters Degree in Business under his belt, Saad has 14 years of experience in working with skin care products internationally in Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Korea, and China. After the success of TrulyKomal and Shoaib Malik By Trulykomal, now its time to revolutionize the fragrance industry of Pakistan.

Hasan Rizvi

Managing Partner

Hasan Rizvi is an artist in spirit and a Public Relations expert by profession. He is founder and CEO of Pakistan’s leading Public Relations Agency, BodyBeat Group. His Mantra is that, “A smart and timely PR campaign is infinitely more effective than any other form of communication”

BodyBeat Group holds a diverse portfolio consisting top local and International brands. His insights and integrity have helped his clients achieve trendsetting success and also recover from crisis situations.

Hasan believes that people are not just looking for goods and services; they are looking for relations, stories and magic. His vision is to provide these values to all his clients.

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